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bring your sofa back to life with our professional upholstery cleaning service 

Our professional upholstery cleaning is carried out in your home using our industrial hot water extraction equipment along with commercial fabric cleaning products.

Our upholstery cleaning service is carried out using eco friendly cleaning solutions. It is important that upholstery cleaning is carried out using cleaning solutions designed to clean delicate fabrics as harsh cleaning solutions can damage the upholstery and leave water spots and detergent marks.

Our upholstery cleaning process is detailed below.

  1. Inspect and identify the fabricsupholstery-cleaning-AND FABRIC PROTECTION SERVICE PAISLEY
  2. carry out a spot test
  3. begin the upholstery cleaning process
  4. Vacuum the upholstery including crevices
  5. Apply cleaning solution using enclosed hand tool
  6. Allow 10 min dwell time
  7. Begin gentle agitation using upholstery cleaning hand mitt
  8. Treat any spots and stains
  9. Begin hot water extraction
  10. Rinse away dirt and stains
  11. Freshwater rinse removes cleaning residue
  12. Apply fabric protector (optional)
  13. Apply fabric deodoriser (optional)



We carry out the following services in your home with the item in situation without the need for you to move the item.

  • Sofa cleaning
  • Chair cleaning
  • Couch cleaning
  • 3 piece suite cleaning

A professional, deep clean from a qualified upholstery cleaner is enough to bring old and dirty upholstery back to life. We can achieve amazing results with our variety of upholstery cleaning methods. Using the correct equipment for the job, we can rinse dirt and stains from almost any upholstery. Some items may require dry cleaning which we also provide.

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