Vaccum daily for a cleaner home

Vacuum cleaning is often overlooked in the home.

At Paisley carpet cleaning we believe you should vacuum for at least 10 mins per carpet per day.

Busy schedules mean the time to run a hoover over the carpet is less and less. At Paisley carpet cleaning, we recommend our customers spend at least 10 mins per day vacuuming the carpets. When paisley carpet cleaning cleans your carpets, we begin with an intensive vacuum of the areas we will be cleaning.

Paisley carpet cleaning vacuums for at least 20 mins per carpet. This is a slow, laborious task.


We begin by vacuuming in one direction slowly covering the full carpet area, We then repeat this in the opposite direction. This is north to south vacuuming, Once we have repeated this twice we begin the East to West vacuuming, This will ensure all the carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed and all the loose dust and dirt has been removed. Paisley carpet cleaner ensures your carpets are as dust free as possible before we start our eco friendly carpet cleaning system.

Carpet cleaning from the paisley carpet cleaner.

If you maintain this type of cleaning schedule then the need for expensive, professional carpet cleaning becomes less and less, You will cut down on your yearly cleaning budget and at the same time your home will become cleaner as you remove all the embedded dust and dirt from the carpet.

Paisley Carpet Cleaner recommends

The type of vacuum you use is just as important as the frequency of your cleaning schedule. Daily cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy, happy home. Check your vacuum cleaner weekly to make sure all the filters are clean and clear.  A vacuum with blocked filters really isn’t lifting anything from the carpet. It’s a waste of time and labour. Clean and service the filters in your vacuum according the levels of dirt that enter your home. If you don’t remove shoes at the door then you should install a barrier mat at the front door to catch any loose dirt from shoes.