Rug Types

There are a number of different rug types. Each require inspection before we commit to cleaning as the materials used in manufacture and the construction type will determine the best rug cleaning method.

Only a professional carpet cleaning company  should be employed to clean expensive and delicate rugs.

The wrong cleaning method can cause irreparable damage to rugs with a high wool, silk content. Other natural materials should also be treated with care.

Rug Shapes

Common rug shapes cleaned by paisley carpet cleaner

The Rug types we have cleaned include

Oriental Silk rugs. Favoured in the East and imported frequently by customers who have business or trade relationships. An oriental Silk rug is a work of art, with the attention to detail known in Japan flavouring the style and mood of these rugs. Silk rugs are delicate and require inspection and testing before a cleaning quote is supplied. As a rough guide, a genuine Oriental silk rug,  measuring 2×2 meters,  would cost in the region of £95.00-£135.00 to clean

Turkish Kashmir Rugs.

Persian camel hair wool rugs.traditional persian camel hair hand knotted rugs

Older, traditional Persian wool rugs are made from a number of natural materials, Camel hair wool, being one of the most abundant natural resources is used in a majority of Persian Wool Rugs. Traditionally made using hand knotting techniques, a labour intensive and time laborious task, rugs can take years or even decades to make.


Persian Silk Rugs.

Generally antiques, used mainly as wall hangings as they are so delicate they would be unsuitable for normal use as a floor-covering. The delicate construction would be easily damaged by footfall.



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