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Paisley Carpet Cleaning provides a professional rug cleaning in Glasgow. We clean oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs and more. Our professional rug cleaning service is available across Glasgow and all surrounding towns and villages. You can be sure your expensive, delicate rug will be properly inspected before any cleaning plan is decided.

  • Rug Cleaning Glasgow

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning in Clarkston

  • Turkish Rug Cleaning in Giffnock

  • Persian Rug Cleaning in Newton Mearns

  • Chinese Rug Cleaning in Bearsden


A number of tests will be carried out on dyed rugs to ensure colours are stabilised and won’t present a problem during cleaning.

The type of material used to make the rug will dictate the cleaning method we choose. Some materials do not react well with moisture and can only be cleaned by dry cleaning methods.

Professional rug care for your expensive, exotic rug is essential to ensure a deep and intensive clean. Rug cleaning from ScotClean Solutions guarantees your rug will be cleaned in the most efficient method possible and the cleaning will be carried out using the right tools for the job.

Common questions regarding our rug cleaning service

  1. Q. Do we clean take your oriental rug away to be cleaned ?  A. No, We clean your rug in situ. There is no need to take the rug away as our rug cleaning equipment is fully mobile.
  2. Q. Is my rug left soaking wet after you have cleaned it ? A. No, We use a specialist rug cleaning tool on our extraction machine. This limits the water useage and stops your rug from becoming saturated.
  3. Q. Can you remove stains from rug ? A. We can treat most stains. Some may be impossible to remove such as curry stains etc.
  4. Q. What types of rugs can you clean ? A. We clean wool rugs, synthetic rugs and rugs made from other natural materials.
  5. Q. My rug has a strange odour, Will cleaning it remove the smell ? A. We have a selection of cleaning products at our disposal to use for various problems such as odours etc.
  6. Q. Can you clean dog pee / cat pee from a rug ? A. While we can clean the actual contamination from the rug, the acid content in animal urine can cause discoloration and damage natural fibres.
  7. Q. Do you clean rugs in Newton Mearns? A. Yes, Our professional rug cleaning service is available across Newton Mearns.

Call us today on 0800 002 9367 to arrange your free rug cleaning estimate today.

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