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Professional leather cleaning from Paisley Carpet Cleaning company.

  • We provide a professional leather cleaning service across Glasgow, Paisley, Newton Mearns, Clarkston, Giffnock, Busby, Bearsden, Milngavie and all surrounding towns and villages. 
  • Choose a professional, qualified and insured leather cleaning company to care for your leather upholstery.

When leather upholstery becomes dirty, the dirt can build up, becoming trapped in the grain of the leather where it begins to wear down the protective coating on the leather surface. Thats when your leather needs some TLC from a professional leather cleaning company. leather-deep-clean-PAisley

If left unchecked, the constant abrasive action, caused by sitting on the dirt build up,  will eventually lift the protective finish, then the colour, leaving the item in need of restoration.

That’s why Eco-Clean Solutions recommends you clean and protect your leather furniture every 24 months.

Paisley Carpet Cleaners leather cleaning service provides a deep clean with added protection to keep your leather in great condition all year long,

We can clean Aniline leather. 

Aniline leather is more difficult to clean than pigment coated, It is therefore important to ensure a good cleaning regime is undertaken when considering Aniline Leather.

How to identify Aniline Leather ?

Aniline leather is coloured using water soluble dyes. The colours are normally dark tones and shades. The leather is uncoated to retain the natural characteristics of the hide’s surface. Aniline Leather is more expensive than pigment coated leather and requires a more frequent cleaning programme. The leather should be nourished to keep it supple and soft.  Aniline Leather can suffer from sun bleaching. Consider this when placing your furniture in the room to avoid sunspots.

We can clean pigment coated leather

Pigment coated leather is easier to maintain than Aniline leather, after our deep clean we leave you with a leather care kit to maintain the finish on your leather furniture until your next clean.

How to identify pigment coated Leather ?

A simple moisture test will tell if your leather is pigment coated or not. Wet your finger by dipping it into a cup of water. Use your wet finger to gently rub the leather surface for 1 second.

Does the leather absorb the water ?

Yes – Your leather is probably not pigment coated leather, it is more likely Aniline leather.

No – If your leather repels the water then it is most likely pigment coated or semi aniline leather.

We can clean semi-aniline leather

How to identify Semi-Aniline Leather.

Semi aniline leather retains more of the natural characteristics of the leather. Semi aniline leather is still produced using soluble dyes but is finished with a light polymer coating to provide some stain protection. The final coating may contain some colour dye to allow for even consistent colour.

Leather cleaning price list

  • Leather furniture cleaning from £25 per seat
  • Leather car upholstery cleaning from £15 per seat
  • Leather interior cleaning from £35
  • Leather dining chair cleaning from £15 per chair
  • Leather office chair cleaning from £20 per chair

How to clean a leather sofa

Our professional leather cleaning kit allows you to achieve the same results as the experts. The leather cleaning kit will clean a standard 3 piece leather suite.

  1. Using  a vacuum with an upholstery attachment, Gently vacuum the sofa
  2. A crevice attachment should be used to access all hard to reach places
  3. Use a microfibre cloth to remove any loose dust from the sofa
  4. Place a towel under the area you will be cleaning
  5. Apply some foam cleaner to the horsehair brush
  6. Focus on a small area and clean in a circular motion
  7. Use a microfibre cloth to remove the foam along with the trapped dirt.
  8. Repeat the process, focusing on small 10 x 10 cm squares until the leather is fully cleaned.
  9. Once clean apply a pea sized amount of protector to the application sponge.
  10. Apply the protector in a circular motion. A pea sized amount should be enough for each seat panel.

Professional leather cleaning service across Paisley, Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire


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