Hot Water Extraction method

Hot water extraction | Eco friendly carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning, It is sometimes known as steam cleaning or steam carpet cleaning, although no actual steam is used nowadays with the advances in Eco friendly cleaning solutions.

eco friendly carpet-cleaning newton mearns before-afterThe temperature of the hot water used by this carpet cleaning method is normally between 60 degrees and 90 degrees.

How does it work ?

The first step in any of the carpet cleaning systems we use it to vacuum the carpet intensively for at least 10 mins per room using a commercial industrial upright vacuum cleaner. vacuum the carpet before cleaning

Our eco safe carpet cleaning solution is then applied liberally to the carpet, rug or upholstery. Eco safe cleaning solutions are the safest way to clean home furnishings.


After applying the cleaning solution we use a machine designed to gently scrub the top layer of carpet, dislodging dirt and spreading the cleaning solution evenly across the carpet. The carpet Rotovator is designed to restore and lift flattened carpet pile.

Now we get to the hot water extraction. Using a specialist carpet cleaning machine which contains industrial vacuums along with a high pressure pump, The water is delivered at high pressure via twin jets designed to maximise the force of the jet hitting the carpet surface.  The spray jets are mounted on a tool we call a wand. The wand is designed to vacuum away the water immediately after it strikes the carpet along with the dirt and grime that has been broken up by the cleaning solutions and Carpet Rotovator

This is the method we use when intensively deep cleaning and restoring carpets in need of a high quality cleaning service.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is ideal for;

  • end of tenancy cleaning of  carpets and upholstery
  • cleaning carpets in nurseries and childcare facilities
  • deep cleaning stained carpets
  • cleaning carpets with contamination
  • cleaning urine from carpets ( cold water )
  • cleaning commercial carpets

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