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Professional carpet cleaning service from EcoSafe Solutions in dry carpet cleaning safe for baby-paisley

Eco-SafeSolutions are a professional carpet cleaning company based in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Choose a professional carpet cleaner to care for your carpets and upholstery.

A professional carpet cleaning business will inspect and survey your carpets before offering a free written quote. Carpet nightmares can occur when the wrong method of cleaning is used on the wrong carpet, or if cleaning is attempted by inexperienced and unqualified operators then the damage can be irreversible.

Eco-safe Solutions are constantly undertaking training to ensure the best practices are being carried out when cleaning carpets and upholstery.

Our 8 step H.W.E carpet cleaning process explained in detail.

step-1-inspection-carpet cleaner paisley

 Step 1. Your free carpet inspection

First we visit to inspect your carpet. This is essential to identify the carpet fibre and survey the condition of the carpet. We offer a selection of cleaning packages. After surveying the carpet we can recommend the most suitable cleaning system to treat your carpet.

Our carpet survey is free of charge, we will visit your home or business at a time thats convenient to you and measure up using a laser measuring device. There is no disruption from measuring tapes being trailed across your rooms.

At the end of the carpet survey we can leave you with a free written quote, itemised room by room to give you a clear breakdown of the costs involved. We also leave a carpet cleaning guide which details our cleaning process.

 step 2 pre vacuum carpet cleaning paisley eco safe carpet clean systemStep 2. Intensive pre Vacuum.

We begin the carpet cleaning process by pre vacuuming the areas we will be cleaning. To Vacuum the carpet effectively we use industrial commercial upright vacuum cleaners. The SEBO BS36 is the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner available to commercial carpet cleaners. This vacuum utilises a triple layer HEPA filtering system to remove all micro particles of dust from the carpet and keep it trapped in the vacuum.

The pre Vac is an important step of the overall carpet cleaning process as it allows us to remove up to 80% of dry soil and dirt before we begin the cleaning process.

step-3-furniture-removal-and-replacementStep 3. Furniture Move

We move the furniture in the room to allow us to vacuum under and behind sofas, chairs, tables and other moveable furniture. This ensures a thorough deep clean of the full carpeted area ensuring all dust and other airborne contaminates are dealt with before we begin the wet clean stage of the carpet cleaning process.

After cleaning we replace all the furniture atop protective foil pads to stop moisture damaging the furniture base, these are disposable and can be removed when the carpet is dry. ( normally within 3-5 hours )

step for of our eco friendly carpet cleaning process Step 4. Application of our Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution.

We now apply our eco friendly carpet cleaning solution. This is applied by high pressure spray to penetrate the top layer of the carpet fibre. It gets to work on contact by breaking down dirt, grime and smells in the carpet. Our Eco-Safe cleaning solution is Woolsafe approved and it’s safe to be applied around pets and children but tough on dirt and odours


dwell time for our carpet cleaning solutionStep 6. Dwell Time

We allow the cleaning solution to rest on the carpet for 20 mins, this allows the maximum penetration of our cleaning solution allowing it to work to it’s maximum potential cleaning the dirt from the carpet fibre and neutralising unwanted odours.

Dwell time is a perfect chance to have a cuppa and chat with our customers. It’s not all hard work!



step 7 of our intensive carpet cleaning process involves the treatments of stains Step 7. Stain reduction treatments

We now treat any stains or marks that have not lifted during the 20 min dwell time, these stains could be tea, coffee, soft drinks, make-up, food, wine., the list is endless. We can remove or reduce 99% of stains from most carpet types.



the final stage of our carpet cleaning process is the extraction of the dirt Step 8. Extraction

Finally we use the most powerful extraction machine available on the market to extract the dirty cleaning solution from your carpet. This machine stays outside your property to keep noise and most air away from the areas we are cleaning. We use a special carpet wand, containing twin jet high pressure sprays and a powerful vacuum strip. The machine rinses the carpet at high pressure while removing all the dirt and cleaning residues.



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