Carpet cleaning methods

Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company not only ensures you receive the best quality possible, you also access a range of cleaning methods suitable for treating a range of fibres and materials.

Some items need extra care and attention when being cleaned. As an example, carpets containing a high wool content can be damaged if too much water is used when rinsing the carpet or if the water used to rinse the carpet is too hot this can also damage the carpet and creates the possibility that shrinkage could occur.

When we clean wool rich carpet we use low moisture techniques along with lukewarm rinse water. Our eco friendly solutions are gentle and approved by the wool-safe association for use on wool carpets and rugs.

Each of our methods are explained in more detail by following the links below.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpet cleaning

Hot water extraction

Stain treatments.

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