Carpet Cleaner Renfrew-PA4

Carpet Cleaner Renfrew | PA4

Alba Carpet Cleaner Renfrew | Renfrew Carpet Cleaning.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service covering all areas in Renfrew.

Alba Carpet Cleaner Renfrew  | Renfrew Carpet Cleaner

Try our Carpet cleaning service in Renfrew and experience fresh, clean carpets with our special eco friendly carpet cleaning in Renfrew.  With 2 carpet cleaning packages to choose from we can offer the deepest clean with the quickest drying times. All our carpet cleaning in Renfrew is carried out by trained, Renfrew carpet cleaning technicians.  If you need a carpet cleaner in Renfrew in a hurry call us today. We can offer emergency carpet cleaning call outs, especially if you require red wine stain removal or coffee stain removal.


Alba Upholstery Cleaner Renfrew  | Renfrew upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in Renfrew is the best way to freshen up your sofa.  Renfrew upholstery cleaning is:

  • Ozone-friendly – our cleaning solution is 100% natural, free from harmful chemicals.
  • Quick Drying – with our assisted drying system
  • Stain repellent – upholstery cleaning and stain guard
  • Fully Guaranteed Upholstery cleaning in Renfrew
  • Fully insured upholstery cleaning in Renfrew

Upholstery cleaning becomes necessary when the arms and backs of your upholstery become dirty. Renfrew Upholstery cleaning removes all the dirt that becomes built up on the arms from spillages such as tea and coffee. Small hands and sticky fingers can also make upholstery difficult to clean by yourself, call Renfrew upholstery cleaning when this occurs.

Alba Leather cleaning Renfrew | Renfrew leather cleaner.

Has your leather become dirty and dull?

Leather fades and becomes dull when tiny dirt particles become ingrained in the finish of the leather. If your leather looks dirty then you need our leather cleaning service in Renfrew. Our leather cleaning process not only cleans your leather. It also protects your leather and the cost of cleaning includes a leather care pack containing our conditioning and protection cream along with some handy leather wipes for keeping your leather looking great.

We are the only leather cleaning company in Renfrew, trained and insured to carry out leather cleaning in Renfrew and leather repairs in Renfrew.  We can repair leather damage. From holes, rips, tears, to scratches, burns and colour fade. When we clean Leather in Renfrew the cost of our leather cleaning service includes Leather protection.

There are a few different types of leather out there. To clean your leather in the safest way possible we are required to survey the item before cleaning commences. This will ensure the most suitable cleaning process is chosen by leather cleaning Renfrew.

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