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Professional carpet cleaning company in Kilmacolm, Inverclyde

Carpet cleaning in Kilmacolm is carried out by trained professional carpet care technicians. We have a choice of cleaning methods to tackle every carpet type.

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If your carpets only require a light maintenance clean, we recommend our Eco-Dry Cleaning System is the ideal way to clean your carpets. Roughly 30% of the carpet cleaning in Kilmacolm  along with our natural cleaning solutions to give your carpets a sparkle clean.

For carpets in need of a more intensive treatment our Eco-Wet Cleaning system has the power to clean deep into the carpet, removing tough stubborn stains and embedded dirt and grime from the carpet pile. 

Eco safe solutions are used to clean our customers carpets in Kilmacolm. Eco-safe is the safest way to give an intensive clean to your carpets and upholstery.  

Plant based, natural ingredients are used to create a carpet cleaning solution that is free from   We use environmentally friendly cleaning products across our range of cleaning services.

Upholstery cleaning Kilmacolm

We also provide high quality upholstery cleaning to our customers in Kilmacolm. Upholstery cleaning should only be carried out by a trained, professional cleaning company.

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This will avoid any of the problems which can arise from allowing inexperienced or unqualified companies to work on your  carpets or soft furnishings.

Leather Cleaning Kilmacolm

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Why use Eco Safe Solutions Kilmacolm carpet cleaning.

  • Free ‘no obligation’ quote offered to all customers of carpet cleaning in Kilmacolm
  • Eco friendly cleaning products | Safe for children and pets
  • Professional cleaning technicians cover Kilmacolm
  • Ongoing company training
  • Timed appointment slots
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Full treatment insurance
  • Commercial carpet cleaning for business in Kilmacolm
  • Residential carpet cleaning covering Kilmacolm
  • 10% Discount for customers aged over 65

We provide commercial carpet cleaning to schools, offices, restaurants and cafes in Kilmacolm. Our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is available across Inverclyde.

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